My method will fast track you to playing grade 3 pieces in just 3 months instead of the usual three years. If you want to unlock your potential and play Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach, you can, and I’d love to show you how! I teach online and in-person and the first lessons is FREE

The method that I've developed combines scientifically proven sports psychology with reading music. Lessons concentrate on making Classical Music more accessible for adults by developing music literacy. Get in touch for a free starter lesson.


Hi, I'm Nikolai,

Classically trained, I studied composition, piano, and conducting at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and take pride in giving the highest standard of musical education. I love teaching and believe that life is about learning new things, but as adults, many of us have forgotten to prioritise this pursuit. Exploring ones potential somehow gets lost along the way, but my experience of teaching adults is that every step of learning is equally rewarding, its never too late to start again, and with the right methods of learning progress can be very quick.



Robertson Road, Bristol, BS5 6LB

07928 793445

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