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Hello, I'm Nikolai. 


I teach the piano to ages 7+ and all abilities. Most of my students are adults, the majority of whom I've fast-tracked from the very beginning. I usually teach from my Greenbank music studio in Bristol, but I'm currently teaching online. Through our COVID lockdowns I've taken on more students than usual as it's a fantastic time for developing new indoor activities. 

Classically trained, I studied composition, piano and conducting at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and take pride in ​giving a high standard musical education especially for those beginners who want to understand how to read easily and quickly widen their playing repertoire. 

I offer a trial lesson free of charge, so please feel free to get in touch and have some free consultation.  


Piano Lessons  

£30/h or  £20/half hour (first lesson free)


Each student usually needs a crash course in music literacy to give confidence and making practice time outside lessons more productive. For the most part, this takes an initial 4 to 12 weeks. Sight-reading is about logic, and everyone relates to it in a different way. Processing what you see is personal, and it needs to be taught in an understandable way that works for you. By focusing on different perspectives and ways of reading music, surprisingly quickly, everything becomes more simple and easy to work out.


I teach all ages and abilities and lessons are based around what makes a student passionate. A good musician is an allrounder like an academic/creative/athlete. Every individual develops in a number of different ways and lessons need to reflect this. For this reason I prefer to have lessons structured around the needs of the individual instead of doing exams. If students would like to do exams to prove themselves, we can work towards passing Grade 5 or Grade 8, but otherwise lessons will be far broader than the ABRSM exam syllabus. 


More than with any other instrument, learning the piano is best for understanding the fundamentals of music. There are many different skills to develop which should be encouraged.  


• Internalising and playing from memory 

• Score reading logic and training 

• Finger dexterity and technique 

• Expressing and interpreting

• Practice approach and time management

• Aural training (learning from listening)


The piano is not just an instrument but a tool for learning musical subject such as Harmony, Theory, Improvisation, Composition, Orchestration, Counterpoint, Accompaniment, Ensemble playing, Conducting, etc.



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I've never played an instrument before but recently I've had a great interest in playing the piano. So far in the small number of lessons I've had with Nikolai I've thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of them and every time I finish a lesson I can not wait to go back the next week. Nikolai is very engaging, knowledgeable, professional and clearly takes pride in what he does. I would recommend him to anybody looking to take lessons.

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A really thorough teacher who will instill confidence in you from the very first lesson. I've begun to make steady progress and have realised the importance of practicing slowly and using sheets to learn pieces. I always look forward to the next lesson! Very approachable and caring teacher.

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Great teacher, from the very beginning we started practising both technique and execution, the lessons are being really helpful and never boring, I can definitely see myself improving more and more. Definitely a good piano teacher.

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Excellent tutor. He really takes the time to explain things properly is a professional and has a great sense of humour. My son loves his piano lessons and is progressing well.

Nikolai is exactly what I was looking for. Such a lovely patient man who on lesson 1 has taught me to read some notes, I am looking forward to progressing further.

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Maximo is loving his classes. We really appreciate your enthusiasm and positive reinforcement, and can see he's far more motivated than he was earlier this year. In just a few classes he's already begun to make progress with his playing, and is learning how to practise more effectively too. Thank you Nikolai!

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I’ve been having weekly lessons with Nikolai and I’m really enjoying them. I have no previous experience with playing the piano so Nikolai has been really helpful with helping me learn to read music and teach me the basics of piano. I don’t feel any pressure and I can make as many mistakes as I want.

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Lessons take place in Greenbank.

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